Married to Socality Barbie…


Socality Barbie material? Not even close!

Well, it went more like “Wow, I’m married to Socality Barbie–ha ha!”  Those were Robert’s exact words after having read a Socality Barbie article on the Huffington Post. FYI- Robert is my baby daddy aka husband/viejo (ol’ man).

For those of you not familiar with Socality Barbie, she’s a “hipster” Barbie from the PNW that is all the rave on Instagram. The ingenious behind SB is a woman from non-other than Portland, Oregon. She refuses to reveal herself all for the sake of safe keeping the authenticity of SB. What this character does is mock these perfectly aesthetic manners that some IG users seem to gravitate to. SB nails it, from the oh so perfect nature + coffee snapshots to the liveauthentic, livefolk, kinfolk hashtags.

Ahem, back to Robert’s comment. Given all that I know about SB, I wasn’t sure whether to take offense or be flattered. I think my response was “hold up, are you calling me fake?”. I immediately began to think about my account and it’s content.  Is that the impression I’m giving off? Is it possible that my followers think I’m fake? I’ve become good friends with some and they can attest to my genuine authenticity. But what about the rest? Sure they’re strangers but it’s important to me that folks get the real me. Ahh!


We all love pretty + delicious food pics that make us salivate right?

For starters, my IG account is not nearly as nice as SB. Have I used some of the same hashtags? Sure I have. Have I brushed up a bit on my iPhone picture taking skills? Sure. I don’t necessarily find anything wrong with that. My IG account has evolved since I first joined. Whether it be inspiration from other accounts I follow, or just simply getting a beautiful snapshot of my kids beachfront. Instagram has allowed me to tap into a small bit of creative side that I had no idea I possessed. It’s also allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and act a fool behind the lens. I’m by no means a professional photographer nor am I claiming to be one either, but when someone compliments your picture taking skills–I’ve got to admit, it’s a nice feeling. All in all, these snapshots are created for me by me. Or as some of you might know, the other person behind the iPhone lens is my 12 year old Miles. He’s got a pretty good eye!


Who doesn’t love pictures of pretty blue skies + palm trees? Amiright?

It’s crazy how one little comment made me over analyze my entire life! Ha ha! It most definitely will not stop me from snapping pretty pictures. Sorry Rob, you’re stuck supporting my insta-habits.

So I conclude with this, let’s have fun with social media. It’s such an amazing vehicle that helps transport people all over the world. Be creative and continue to share things that others might not be aware of but be very much interested in. Have fun! And Socality Barbie, do your thing. I love your feed!


p.s. if you want raw material from my everyday life, follow me on SnapChat @gicelmybell.  Pretty glimpses of my life? Follow me on Instagram @gicelmybell. For all things in between , there’s Facebook @Gicel Martell de Zardeneta.


2 thoughts on “Married to Socality Barbie…

  1. monicaannstockall says:

    Your genuineness totally shines through your beautiful instafeed!! I’m totally with you on this, just keep doing your thing and having FUN with it 😉


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