Playing Ketch-Up

So much has gone on since my last post. Let’s see, I finally received my baccalaureate degree (!), I left my old job of 9 (almost 10) years, started a career in higher education, reduced my circle of friends–not sure how i feel about this quite yet (or why I’m even mentioning it), took on running, and celebrated birthdays galore over the summer break. Much to your dismay, I won’t be touching base on any of the aforementioned happenings quite yet. The next couple of segments might be written out of order: Almodovar style. If you’re familiar with Pedro Almodovar, you know what I’m talking about.

I’ll start with the present and work my way backwards. Summer break is now over and the kids are back in school. Miles started 8th grade, Zoe started middle school (6th grade), and Gael is now in 1st grade. Of course I was a wreck just thinking about how my baby would be left behind all alone to fend for himself. How will he survive elementary school?! Of course Miles put things into perspective one day while I was having a meltdown. He looked at  me and said “I didn’t have an older sibling to watch over me and I survived”. It’s true– Miles you’re a trooper! In the midst of this intense hormonal imbalance meltdown, Gael was nothing but excited to be walking to class on his own like the “big kid” that he is. Last Friday his teacher pulled us aside to let us know how sweet, kind, and how much more advanced Gael is than most the rest of his classmates. I think he’s managing 1st grade quite well on his own. You guys, this is a total humble brag. I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Sometimes as a parent, I’m not quite sure that I’m doing things “right”. But it’s times like these that I’m reminded that we most definitely have done something right. Whew!

I tackled one worry only to have another one present itself. Baby girl was starting middle school. And although she wouldn’t be doing middle school entirely alone, she would still be doing middle school entirely alone. The kids don’t attend their home school, therefore, they both seem to have started all over again. Socially that is. I moved around during the transition between middle school and high school, and I hated every second of it. I remember missing my friends immensely, having trouble acclimating and making new friends. And that’s that I am pretty social. Zoe is a lot more reserved and most definitely an introvert. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I worried that she would have to eat lunch by herself in a lonely restroom stall or something. Is that crazy? I did that and it was awful! Of course I’m just traumatized and haunted by my past and always think that the story will somehow repeat itself, and that petrifies me! Well, fast forward and two weeks in and Zoe suddenly bursts out into tears and begins to sob uncontrollably. Miles walks in, pulls me to the side and whispers in my ear “she’s got the 6th grade blues”.  He described it as “missing old friends and feeling overwhelmed with all the new academic responsibilities that comes with being in middle school. Well, sure enough– that’s exactly what Zoe said it was. Not once did she use the phrase “6th grade blues”. When did Miles become the wise know all about/ have all the answers to life’s questions dude? I asked if he cried during the transition and he of course said “NO”. Zoe is now trekking along this third week and doing outstanding. She’s so naturally independent and responsible. It’s really not fair how easy she makes motherhood for me sometimes.

Last but not least, there’s Miles. He seems to have mastered everything but the balance between academics and a social life. We hit a tremendously bumpy road with him these past two years, but I am certain that this year is a pivotal year for him. And I’ve got to say that Zoe is going to make all the difference. Miles is competitive and there s no way that he’ll let his sister “outshine” him.

All in all, i feel it in my heart of hearts that this will be an amazing year for all three kids. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am already having meltdowns and disagreements with my better half about where we will be sending Miles to high school NEXT YEAR. Ha ha!

Kudos to all you out there holding down this fort we all call parenthood. I hope you and your kids have an amazing 2015-16 school year!


p.s. please tell my I’m not the only mom that has crazy meltdowns about pretty much anything that has to do with her kids.


August 17, 2015