Push and Shove

Push and Shove. That is exactly what the launch of this blog has been for me. It has been two years since I began contemplating starting a blog, but the more I would read popular blogs, the more clear it was to me that I could not compete. Most bloggers (that I follow) are super creative women. And then there is me. There is not a single creative bone in my being. What could I possibly blog about? What interesting characteristics do I possess, that folks might be semi-interested in?  Now, I realize it should not be a competition at all, but I would like to get some traffic.

Fast forward two years later, and here I am diving into this blogging world. I still don’t possess any of the skills aforementioned, but I do have life experience. As I embark on this journey, I hope to inspire, and motivate others that might share the same path as I once did, now do, and will continue on.